What Not to Put in Storage

October 29th, 2020
What Not to Put in Storage

There is a long list of what you should not put in long-term storage. The most obvious things are your most important papers, anything alive, furs, food or perishable items, and your most valuable items.

Let’s go over them one by one.

Important papers

These are things you should keep with you, wherever you live, so you can access them. If they are critically important, then they belong in safe deposit box, not a storage unit.

Extremely valuable items

See above. Possessions that are extremely valuable should be kept with you or in a bank vault, not in a storage unit.

Food or perishable items

You don’t want to put anything in storage that will spoil or rot if you forget about it. People forget items in storage all the time. Often stored items are out of sight and out of mind. Never store anything perishable in storage unit. Perishable items can make a mess of your possessions and your unit.

Anything alive

Never store any pets or plants. They risk being forgotten and suffering the consequences. See above.


Don’t store any real furs in a storage unit unless it is specifically designed for furs. Furs that are stored need to be kept within a narrow temperature range and narrow range of humidity that is for furs. Furs will deteriorate rapidly in a normal storage unit.

The items listed above should never be put in a storage unit. Not only do people forget what they have in storage, but sometimes they forget they have a storage unit at all!

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