Tips for Storing Electronic Equipment

May 30th, 2021 in Tips and tricks

Electronic equipment, such as desktop computers, televisions, laptops, tablets, and printers, were not designed to sit around for months, or even years, without power. However, it can be done, both safely and effectively, in ways that preserve the quality and conditions of your electronic equipment.

The following storage tips will help you create a plan for effectively storing electronics in indoor storage units. 

Make Backup Copies of Whatever You Need

Use cloud storage providers (such as Google or Apple) to backup copies of important documents. This will provide insurance in case anything goes wrong. It is also more efficient to have important docs saved and instantly accessible rather than having them stored in a hard drive across town.

Clean and Wrap Your Electronic Equipment

Before placing them in storage, clean all of your electronic equipment thoroughly to eliminate dirt, debris, and contaminants from surfaces. Compressed air can be used to help you clear dust from tight spaces, like keyboards.

Bubble wrap can be used to keep items safe. Simply wrap your electronics with it and they will be protected from most physical damage. It is soft, cushy, and allows your equipment to breathe. 

Side note - If your electronic device uses batteries, such as AA or AAAs, take those batteries out before you put the equipment into a storage unit. If your electronic equipment is going to sit for a while, you do not want to risk coming back to a pool of battery acid.

Box Your Electronic Equipment

When boxing your electronic equipment for storage in an indoor storage unit, original packaging is best. However, if you got rid of those original boxes already, you could use durable cardboard boxes for short-term storage. For long-term storage, invest in plastic storage bins. You can line the interior with blankets or extra layers of plastic wrap for added protection.

Invest in a Reliable Storage Unit

There are multiple types of storage units, usually separated into outdoor and indoor, as well as different sizes to meet specific storage needs. Electronic devices should be stored in indoor storage units that are sealed and safe from water damage and debris.

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