Should I Use My Own Storage Security Cameras?

January 28th, 2021

You can use your own storage security cameras, but you certainly don’t have to if you are using storage in a facility that has good security. Using your own equipment will have advantages and disadvantages. To select the proper security for your needs, you will have to consider the system that is already in place and all the technology options.

Internal Camera Storage

Internal camera storage has the video footage recorded by the device on a microSD card placed in the camera. MicroSD cards are designed in different sizes ranging from four GB to five hundred and twelve GB.

Advantages of Internal Camera Storage

-The user doesn’t have to depend on internet access or hard wiring for the transferring of the video data to an external recording gadget.

-If you have the right software or application installed on the smartphone, laptop, or PC you can watch the video data straight away since the video info do not need to transmit to an external storage gadget.

-You can view the video data later since they are recorded on the camera.

Disadvantages of Internal Camera Storage

-The capacity of internal camera storage is limited, most of the cameras with this kind of storage only record when they recognize motion to conserve capacity.

-Some of the cameras are designed with loop recording customization where they automatically overwrite old files to make space for the new files when the local storage is full.

-If you misplace your camera or get stolen, you will immediately lose the video footage.

-If you use this kind of technology you will have to make regular trips to the storage unit to retrieve the card and review the contents.

When a storage facility already has a good security system with limited access to units and is recording entrances and exits, it’s probably redundant to have your own personal cameras in place, but there is nothing to prevent you doing so.

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