Should I Rent Storage or Get a Bigger Office?

June 30th, 2021 in Storage Articles
Should I Rent Storage or Get a Bigger Office

If you are finding your office space to be more cramped than before, it may be time to look at your options. Small businesses can struggle to provide adequate office space as their business expands. They may also overlook the need to store important items such as inventory, documents, supplies, and spare equipment.

When this happens, management may think it is time to expand and get a bigger office. However, there is a good chance that renting storage space may be a much better option

Renting Storage Space

Renting storage space is a great option for businesses looking to remove clutter from their office. While most small businesses can use a small storage locker, it may be necessary to rent a large unit depending on the nature of the business.

Many units come equipped with built-in shelving or cabinets for storing items. Some buildings may have loading bays and freight elevators as well. It is important to spend time thoroughly evaluating the cost, features, and size of all available storage units before signing a lease agreement.


Renting storage space can provide several benefits for your business. It may be particularly useful when you need to temporarily store items that are not currently in demand, or you need more room to store equipment that will not be needed for a while.

In addition, renting storage space is often much cheaper than getting a bigger office. You will not need to worry about relocating all your equipment and team members either. Renting a storage space is a great choice because it provides plenty of space to fit in a smaller budget.


When compared to getting a bigger office, the first drawback is clear. You cannot have people working out of a storage locker. Beyond that, however, there are not many drawbacks.

Getting A Bigger Office

Depending on how big your staff is, it may be time to upgrade your office as well. Moving to a bigger office is a more complicated option than renting a storage space, but it does provide a few unique benefits.

Benefits of Moving to a Bigger Office

The first benefit of moving to a bigger office is that a business can have more employees. Beyond this, a larger office will also provide employees with more space to work and potentially better amenities.


Upgrading to a bigger office is a big move and comes with some clear drawbacks. These often include:

  • Higher costs
  • More responsibilities
  • Risk of losing talented team members.
  • You may not have 24/7 access

There are many factors to consider when choosing either to get a bigger office or to rent storage space. We suggest that you start by looking at storage spaces, as they can still provide value even if you upgrade your office.

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