Should I Get a Mattress Cover to Put a Mattress in Storage for a Few Months

April 26th, 2021 in Tips and tricks, Storage Articles

Question: Should I get a mattress cover to put a mattress in storage for a few months?
Answer: Yes. If you are going to put a mattress in storage, you will likely want to cover it properly. A commercial grade mattress cover will of course do the best job, but anything that prevents it from gathering dust and humidity is better than leaving it exposed - no matter how clean you keep your storage area.

Anything you put in storage will eventually gather some dust. Since a mattress is porous, some kind of covering is a good idea. However, you will not gain much with a typical porous mattress cover.

An anti-allergen mattress cover would be a better idea. That would totally protect the mattress. Or you could use shrink-wrap which would also keep the dust out of the inside of the mattress. Any kind of plastic cover would prevent dust from making its way inside a mattress. Be sure your mattress is clean and dry before it is covered and put into storage.

When you are finished storing a mattress, you may want to air it out for a day or two before using it, and putting it in the sun would be even better.

People store mattresses and box springs on a regular basis, and there is no reason why you cannot. The same advice about covering a mattress would hold true for other porous upholstered items such as pillows, cushions, and couches. It would be a good idea to cover them with an impermeable layer so they don’t get dusty inside and out.

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