Preparing Musical Instruments for Long-term Storage

June 30th, 2024 in Storage Articles
Preparing Musical Instruments for Long-term Storage

Musical instruments require special attention when stored for an extended period to ensure they remain in excellent condition and are ready to produce beautiful music.

But for those who have never stored an instrument, what are the proper preparation steps to follow for long-term storage?

Clean the Instrument

Before placing any musical instrument in storage, it's crucial to clean it thoroughly, as dirt and grime can cause lasting damage if left unattended.

For stringed instruments such as violins, guitars, and cellos, use a soft cloth to wipe down the body and strings, and thoroughly remove any rosin buildup on bow strings with a specialized cleaner.

Cleaning wind instruments like flutes and clarinets includes disassembling and cleaning each piece individually.

Finally, large instruments like drums should have their heads wiped down with a dry cloth to remove dust.

Once cleaned, ensure each part of the instrument is thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step, as this prevents moisture buildup that can damage the wood and metal parts during long-term storage.

Disassemble As Much as Possible

Disassembling your musical instrument as much as possible reduces stress on its components during storage. For example, releasing the tension on guitar or violin strings prevents the warping of the neck or body.

Taking apart larger instruments such as pianos may not be feasible without professional help. However, you can ensure that parts are not overly stressed, which will prevent wear and tear.

By separating parts susceptible to constant tension or weight distribution issues, you minimize potential damage over extended periods.

Keep Instruments In Their Case

Always store musical instruments in their designated cases whenever possible, as these cases are designed specifically to support and protect the instrument.

If you own large instruments like pianos or drums without dedicated cases, cover them with breathable cloths to protect them from dust while allowing for airflow.

Proper preparation is essential when storing musical instruments for an extended time, and whether you're safeguarding a violin or securing a grand piano, following these three steps is paramount in preserving their quality.

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