Making Room for the Holidays

December 25th, 2019
Uncluttering your Space Using your Storage unit in Vancouver

Making room for the holidays can be tricky and challenging! While you are preparing your rooms for guests, it can be straightforward to aim at the obvious things and forget other underlying kinds of stuff that need extra attention.

This is why we have come up with this blog to give you the sure-fire tips on how you should make room for the holidays and extra guests with style!

1. Box up all the clutter:

All those books lying around, newspapers, magazines, and other random things that will get in the way should be boxed up and taken to your storage unit.

2. Remove all the seasonal clothes and sports equipment:

You won't need your summer clothes and water skis, so off to storage they go. By emptying out your closets, you make room for your guests clothes and suitcases.

3. Clean the bathroom and the toilet:

Rarely most of us forget to pay much attention to the bathrooms and toilets. Your toilet and shower should be super clean and fresh. They shouldn’t contain cobwebs, stains, foams, or be stuffy. You should make sure that your toilet takes one powerful flush to work efficiently, and the bathroom water should be running well, hot and cold.

4. Check your heating system:

Your heating system should be perfect. This is to ensure bathroom water is warm enough for a refreshing shower. If the heating system has a problem, call a specialist immediately.

5. Inspect the smoke alarms and CO2 alarms:

Test and check the smoke alarms if the batteries have worn down you can install new ones. You should have smoke alarms on each floor of your house and outside the resting areas.

6. Check the electrical safety:

It is highly discouraged to overload electrical sockets with numerous extension cords that are daisy-chained. You should also check your holiday lights if they are working efficiently.

It's not too late to tidy everything up for winter holidays. Many universities are on vacation until mid-January. Unclutter everything and let's get ready for spring!

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