How to Prepare your Storage Unit for Hot Weather

August 30th, 2021 in Tips and tricks
How to Prepare your Storage Unit for Hot Weather

In the summer, a storage locker can reach temperatures of at least 25 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Without any form of temperature control, a storage unit becomes an oven. This extra heat will impact what you can store and the condition of the goods inside.

Therefore, preparing for the summer heat ahead of time is the best way to ensure the safety and longevity of the products in your storage locker. Follow this article, and you will know how to prepare for hot weather.

Plan Out What to Store

Remove anything that cannot withstand warm temperatures should from your storage locker before the summer months. It is not a good idea to leave any of the following products in a hot storage locker:

  1. Leather – Leather products will dry and crack when exposed to high temperatures. Heat makes them look old and worn.
  2. Papers – Many papers have the potential to become yellowed or brittle when exposed to extreme heat and humidity for long periods.
  3. Lamps and Lights – Lights can break if the temperature gets too hot, causing them to act as a fire hazard.
  4. Artwork and Photographs - These items are sensitive to high temperatures and can yellow, fade, or melt.
  5. Electronics – Electronics can be damaged when exposed to too much heat. The warm weather inside a summer storage locker can damage sensitive electronics as well.

Pack and Place Effectively

As we mentioned earlier, a storage locker gets quite toasty in the summer months. You don't want to be in there rummaging around when it's forty-plus degrees inside. Instead, spend the spring months cleaning, packing, and sorting your storage locker effectively.

Take inventory of what's inside and make notes on the boxes of what is inside of each of them. This will minimize the amount of time you spend inside.

Find the Right Storage Facility

The storage facility you choose can make all the difference in overcoming the summer heat. Some facilities are heat-resistant, have air conditioners, or offer climate-controlled lockers. Depending on what you are storing, it may be essential to use one of these storage units.

At Yaletown Mini Storage, we are the perfect solution for anyone looking to store products in a cool space. Our storage facility is conveniently located in Yaletown and maintains a mild temperature throughout the year.

Yaletown Mini Storage offers brightly lit, clean, affordable storage units in downtown Vancouver. Most units have 8-foot ceilings, and there are no access fees or limitations.


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