How Long Does a Wardrobe Box Last?

September 29th, 2022 in Storage Articles
How Long Does a Wardrobe Box Last?

A wardrobe box is a specially designed cardboard box that is tall and narrow with a wooden bar to hang clothes on.

Wardrobe boxes help when moving clothes because they protect your clothes from creasing or becoming damaged. With that said, a wardrobe box is not a long-term storage solution. Over time, the cardboard will become damp and start to disintegrate, which can damage your clothes.

The lifespan of a wardrobe box is short. We suggest replacing it after every move or at the first sign of damage. Any wear and tear to the wardrobe box can negatively impact your clothes.

If you need to store your clothes for a long period, it's best to use a storage locker.

Why Use a Storage Locker?

Storage lockers are airtight and impossible for pests to get into. Most storage lockers are typically made of concrete, which means they won't be impacted by moisture the same way a cardboard box would.

Furthermore, storage lockers provide a more stable environment for your clothes and will help protect them from dust, moths, and changes in temperature and humidity. This added layer of protection makes a storage locker the best way to ensure that your clothes stay in good condition for a long time.

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