How Do You Pack a Mattress for Long-Term Storage?

January 29th, 2020
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Most of us at one time or another need to store one or more mattresses long term. Downsizing, renovations, and cross-country moves can be the reasons to pack your mattress away for months or years.

The following tips should give you all the information you will need on how you are supposed to pack your mattress. Let’s dive in immediately!

The steps to correctly store your mattress for best results include the following:

1. Clean the mattress

2. Wrap the mattress appropriately

3. Protect your mattress while moving

4. Store the mattress in a flat orientation

Let's look at these steps one by one.

1.Clean the Mattress

It's essential to clean your mattress before you store it. You are supposed to remove any covers and separate your mattress from the boxspring. You should have a cleaning solution to remove any grime and debris. Use a stain remover to clean the stains.

The same holds true for anything covered in fabric that is stored. Don't leave dirty fabrics in long-term storage; you may never get the stains out.

Clean both sides of the mattress well and let the mattress dry completely before storage. If the mattress is soiled by any pet stains there are enzyme-based cleaners that will remove any odors.

2. Wrap the Mattress in the Right Way

The right kind of material to use to wrap your mattress is a light and breathable plastic that does not trap any water. If you intend to store your mattress in a humid place, consider putting industrial-sized packets of silica gel in the plastic cover. The silica acts as a drying agent. 

If your mattress is stored wet or the ambient air is too humid, the mattress can get moldy.

3. Protect the Mattress While Moving

You should use a covered moving vehicle to move your mattress. Cover your mattress with moving pads or old blankets to keep it from getting dusty or damaged.

4. Store the Mattress Flat

We recommend you to store your mattress in a flat position, parallel to the ground. You can use flat tops of furniture or place your mattress on the stacked boxes.

The reason you store the mattress flat is because if it's stored vertically, the inside parts like coils can be permanently damaged.

Follow these easy steps, and your mattress should stay in great shape for a long time.

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