Does Shrink Wrap Actually Help?

March 30th, 2021 in Storage Articles

Shrink wrap is an environmentally friendly plastic that can be wrapped around items and it useful for storage. When the plastic is heated, it shrinks and wraps snugly around items of any shape. This is a space-saving concept because the plastic not only protects your belongings, but when the plastic shrinks down, it can significantly reduce the space taken up by the items.

Benefits of shrink wrapping

  1. Durability: Shrink wrap is a strong, durable plastic. It is difficult to puncture or tear it. If there are temperatures changes inside your storage facility, shrink wrap is unlikely to be affected. It does not tear or warp or come undone easily. It keeps its shape. Shrink-wrap obviously won't work for everything, but it is very effective for the storage of certain types of items that you want completely covered and protected.
  2. Affordability: Compared to other kinds of packing materials, shrink wrap is reasonably inexpensive. Because shrink-wrap compresses items, it works to minimize space needed. It also keeps your bundled items together--so you don't lose anything--and it doesn't add additional bulky or less environmentally friendly materials such as boxes or styrofoam. Shrink-wrap also doesn't wear out. If you leave your shrink-wrapped items alone, they can stay shrink-wrapped for years.
  3. Preservation: Many kinds of food that need to be preserved, either to extend their shelf lives or for transport are stored in shrink wrap, however, you always want to be careful about storing any food in a storage unit. You don't want to attract bugs or critters. Nevertheless, food production businesses often use food-grade shrink-wrap because of its versatility.
  4. Convenience: Shrink wrap is available in all different sizes to fit the needs of the users. One benefit of shrink-wrap is that is offers a waterproof protection. So, for example, small electrical components can be shrink-wrapped together to prevent exposure to moisture. Also, your possessions often take up less space when they are shrink wrapped together. Soft items like clothing and blankets that are shrink-wrapped will take up much less space. 
  5. Branding: Shrink wrap can come in different colors and also be designed with logos, colors, pictures, and words. If it's important to you to make your items look like they obviously belong to you or your business, the sky in the limit.

Shrink wrap is great for storage. It keeps your objects clean and protected from humidity or water. Just be sure that you are covering things that are clean and dry to begin with, as anything damp will not dry inside shrink-wrap--it will get moldy instead.

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