Can Shrink-Wrap Damage My Stored Furniture?

September 28th, 2020
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Yes, it absolutely can. There is a time and a place for shrink wrap, but it can cause damage to certain types of furniture if used for long-term storage—even short-term transits in shrink wrap can be risky.

Follow this guide to protect your possessions against the potential pitfalls of plastic:

  1. Watch Out For Heat

    Probably the most practical application of shrink wrap is for keeping household items protected while moving places. It’s cheap, easy to use, and protects against dirt, dust, scratches, and scrapes. But be mindful of the temperature on moving day: shrinkwrap can melt and turn any surface into a gooey mess.

  2. Consider Breathability

    Even for short periods, synthetic upholstery is the only furniture that should ever be shrink-wrapped. Wood and leather furniture should never get this treatment, no matter how briefly, because these natural materials need to breathe. And an impermeable cocoon of plastic can quickly cause minor temperature fluctuations to lead to a problem.

  3. Condensation

    Assuming you don’t enjoy the smell of mildew, moisture of any type can destroy stored items and leave a musty smell that’s impossible to get rid of. Aside from the smell, moisture can deteriorate leather’s surface and cause wood furniture to swell and crack. Shrink wrapping these sensitive items before storage can trap moisture where it’s least wanted and ensure that it has no chance to escape.

In short, shrink wrap has limited applications, and there are some tasks for which it should not be used whatsoever. Moving blankets are an excellent alternative for long term storage: they protect your possessions while still allowing a degree of breathability.

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