Can I Use My Home Insurance to Protect My Stored Goods?

June 28th, 2022
Can I Use My Home Insurance to Protect My Stored Goods?

A storage locker is an excellent way to reduce clutter in your home and store your unneeded valuables. But what happens if a natural disaster or theft occurs? Can I use my home insurance to protect my stored goods?

In Canada, your valuables stored in a storage locker are part of the property coverage section of your homeowner's policy. If a storage locker is broken into or a natural disaster were to damage it, your home insurance can cover the cost of replacing some of your valuables.

However, this insurance does not extend to all kinds of possessions. If you have a motor vehicle in the storage locker, it will require a separate vehicle policy. Your homeowner's policy will not cover damages to vehicles, even if they are in a storage locker.

It is also important to note that your homeowner's policy may not cover the full extent of damages. If you own expensive items, such as jewelry and silverware, you may want to purchase additional coverage in case they are stolen or damaged.

If you have possessions in a storage locker that are not covered under your home insurance policy, make sure you discuss increased coverage and additional options with your broker. You can then rest easy knowing that an unexpected incident won't mean the loss of treasured heirlooms.

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