Best Uses for Your Storage Unit During COVID-19

May 28th, 2020
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A storage unit can be a great way to declutter and organize and perhaps even more so during Covid-19. Here are some tips on how to make the best use of your Storage Unit during Covid-19.

1: Make more Space at Home

Many of us are spending more time at home during lockdown, space and how you use it are major concerns. Certain home items used for large scale entertaining or possibly reserved for specific events that have been postponed might have a better home in storage than cluttering your space.

Even more ordinary items might be really getting in the way now that you need to encounter them every day might have a better home in storage.

2: Store Seasonal Items

Due to the ongoing pandemic the summer of 2020 is likely to be a very subdued affair. As most festivals, concerts, sporting events and other activities have been cancelled, it is likely that many have items that may not see any use this summer.

If you don’t already have them in storage, now might be an excellent time to move them there.

3: Store Work and School Items

Many employers have moved to a Work-From-Home Model for the duration of the pandemic and schools are likely to remain closed until at least September.

Therefore, storing items that may be used during the school year or strictly in your workplace many not be needed around the home could be the perfect solution for freeing up valuable space at home.

4: Organize your Storage Unit

You won’t be making as many new acquisitions during lockdown so it is the perfect time to take stock of exactly what you have in your storage unit, what you might want to move into long term storage from your home and what you want to get rid of from both.

Hopefully these tips have given you an idea of how to best utilize your storage unit during the pandemic.

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