5 Tips for Storing Coats and Other Winter Clothes Properly

July 23rd, 2020
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It might be called spring cleaning, but failure to do it can cause summertime blues. If you’ve still got winter gear cramping your space, it’s time to finally admit that the snow is gone and—yes, we did get that freak snowstorm one year in July—but in general, you won’t need that winterwear again for several months.

So why let those items clutter your home? It’s never too late to take back your space for the summer, and below you’ll find five tips to take care of the clothes that take care of you all winter.

1. Follow Item-Specific Care Instructions

Though most coats can follow general-care instructions, some need special attention, and I cannot stress this enough, it’s often the most valuable articles that need the most attention. Leather storage tips can be found here, wool storage tips here, and fur storage tips here.

2. Clean Before Storing

Before storage, all articles should be properly cleaned in the appropriate manner. Research exactly what needs to be done to clean your jacket; even amongst synthetic fibres and types of Gore-tex, instructions can vary widely. It’s important to clean items before storage because stains can set in over the summer, and cause damage to the fabric itself.

3. Ensure it’s Thoroughly Dry

While still following the care instructions for your specific garments, make sure they are completely dry before storage. The gentlest way is laying the item out with a fan running nearby. Just a little bit of moisture left in your clothing during storage can result in a residual musty/mouldy smell. To help keep them dry through storage, it’s also a good idea to invest in some acid-free paper to stuff in pockets and lay between garments.

4. Defend Against Moths

Moths generally go after natural fibres, and failure to protect against them can ruin your garments. Make sure to employ your preferred method to deter them, whether it’s cedar shavings, mothballs, or lavender oil. Each method has its pros and cons, so do a bit of research to determine which suits you best.

5. Pick the Right Space

Between all the different activities, even just one person can accumulate a lot of winter gear, and if you have an outdoorsy family, then the space taken up is multiplied. Make sure you’ve got enough space that meets the right conditions for storing your winter articles. If you haven’t got such a space available, a storage unit can be an affordable way to ensure your belongings will be in tip-top shape next winter.

6. Bonus Tip:

Slide $20 in your jacket pocket, and hopefully, you’ll have forgotten about it by next winter—because who doesn’t love finding a pleasant surprise in their pocket?

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