5 Tips for Long Term Storage of Fabrics

November 28th, 2020
5 Tips for Long Term Storage of Fabrics

Take the right steps when preparing items for storage—the wrong steps could lead to ruined fabric. Be mindful that there are different storage instructions for leather and wool garments. The following is a set of tips for the successful storage of cotton fabrics:

Pick the Right Container

Storage totes are the most popular choice, and going with clear totes allows you to easily see the contents. Some have reported that low-quality totes can start to break-down and leave fabric with a plasticky smell. Even high-quality totes can have a plasticky smell when they are brand new, so it’s important to wash totes before using them for storage.

Cardboard boxes are a tried and true alternative. If storing fabrics for a long period of time, use acid-free boxes to ensure that the cardboard doesn’t eventually stain your valued fabrics.

Vacuum-seal bags are rising in popularity, used either by themselves or in conjunction with bins/boxes. Most fabrics are fine to store this way, but some items, like down pillows, can be damaged by the compression. Do your homework before vacuum-sealing anything other than basic fabrics.

Use Acid-Free Paper

This tip is more recommended for valuable fabrics and long-term storage, but it could never hurt! Adding sheets of acid-free paper in between fabrics helps to keep them as shapely, crisp, and bright as the day they entered storage.

Store in a Dry Space

The ideal storage space should be clean, dry, and well-ventilated. A damp storage space will permeate containers and result in mouldy fabric, so don’t make the same mistake that so many others have made! Additionally, it’s a good idea to have items raised off the floor to allow for added airflow.

Pre-Care For Fabrics

If the fabric has seen any use, be sure to wash and completely dry it before storage. Ironing is optional, but the better things go into storage, the better they will come out.

Stay Organized

This tip becomes more necessary with bigger storage projects, but it never hurts to have a map of where fabrics have been packed. This way, you can reference your map to quickly find specific items.

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