3 Steps to Proper Item Preparation for Storage

March 29th, 2023 in Storage Articles
3 Steps to Proper Item Preparation for Storage

If you have a storage locker, you know that space management is essential for maximizing your storage capacity. To ensure that all items are stored effectively and neatly, follow the three steps outlined in this guide.

Clean The Item

First and foremost, it is always recommended to clean an item before going into storage. If you leave any dirt or bacteria, it can damage the possession or contaminate other stored belonging. You should always use a disinfectant wipe, vacuum, or washcloth (depending on the product) to remove any spots or scents before storage. 

Find a Suitable Storage Container

If you are storing fragile products, electronics, or documents, we suggest placing them in a container before transferring them to a storage locker. The container size that you pick is crucial to maximizing storage capacity. Choose something that can stack with your existing boxes or add it to a multi-use storage bin for further additions.

Add the Item to Your Inventory List

Finally, the last step you want to do before moving an item into your storage locker is to add it to your inventory list. An inventory list is the only way to accurately track and locate all the products in your storage locker. Whenever a product is moved to or from the storage locker, the inventory list must be updated accordingly.

If you follow these three steps, you will consistently adhere to proper item preparation and minimize any chance of damages occurring while in storage. In addition to these steps, ensure you are working with an excellent storage facility, such as Yaletown Storage, to reduce the chance of external risks.

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