3 Great Ways to Use Your Storage Locker During Spring Cleaning

February 24th, 2020
3 Great Ways to Use Your Storage Locker During Spring Cleaning

A large number of people are looking for different ways to do spring cleaning.

The concept of moving different kinds of stuff, rotating, cleaning under and behind, and storing can be tricky at times, especially if you have a lot of "stuff" but are in a limited space.

One great idea is by using a storage locker unit to make spring cleaning less complicated. We know storage lockers have some important winter uses.

Here are three great ways on how to use a storage locker during spring cleaning.

1. Store seasonal things

You should stop looking for a space in the cramped garage to keep the jackets and sleds. We recommend using a storage locker to put away seasonal kinds of stuff that do not get used regularly or you don’t need them for the coming months. This includes bulky winter clothing, snow tires, and Christmas and Halloween decorations.

You can also store winter sports equipment, and anything else you won't be using during the summer, like flannel sheets. Some people have a whole winter wardrobe that could be stored and give you more room in your closets.

University students may be able to store all of their school supplies until they start studying again in the fall.  

2. Stay local

Make it simple by dropping off some items and picking others later by selecting a storage facility near your house. This makes it easier to store goods that you use regularly in the spring--like watersports items.

You won't save any money by trying to find storage further away that's cheaper. Whatever you save will be spent on traveling time and gas.

3. Select the right storage locker

Your storage locker should be spacious enough to perfectly fit all your possessions. This way your valuable items are stored safely, but you don't waste any space.

Consider taking an inventory of the things that you are putting into the storage locker before deciding on size.

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