10 Storage Tips for Collectors

June 28th, 2020
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There are many reasons to store a cherished collection. You may want to keep it safe while it grows in value, or perhaps there’s no longer room around the house and it’s not yet time to part with it.

Below, you’ll find 10 general tips for...

Keeping your collection in good shape and making use of your long-term storage.

  1. Pick the Right Space

    Dust, moisture, humidity, and sunlight can wreak havoc over time. Make sure to choose a storage space that’s protected from the elements and temperature-controlled.

  2. Ensure Your Security Needs Are Met

    The more valuable a collection is to you, the more likely you’ll want to have added security measures in place. Storage units offer the benefit of surveillance, fire protection, alarms, and sign-in protocols.

    1. Consider Insurance

      Speak to your insurance representative; you may find out that items in storage are covered by homeowner’s insurance, or you might decide to purchase supplementary coverage.

    2. Plan-Out Your Storage

      What will your space look like? Do you want to have your items displayed for when you visit, or safely packed inside appropriate containers? Do items need to be easily accessible? Form a clear image of how you will use this space in the future.

    3. Calculate How Much Space You will Need

      Whatever the size of your collection and your chosen layout, Yaletown Mini Storage has the perfect locker for it. Our friendly staff can help you decide what size of unit best suits your needs.

    4. Pack Properly

      Take care that items won’t be damaged during storage. Use packing paper or bubble wrap and load containers securely so that items can’t shift inside. It’s also a good idea to utilize shelves to avoid stacking your containers.

    5. Label Your Containers

      You’ll thank yourself later if you label all boxes or containers used in your storage space. If you’ve ever had to dig through boxes looking for something, you’re familiar with the hassle that this step can help avoid.

    6. Keep a Catalog

      Every collector should keep a spreadsheet or database of their collection. This helps to quickly reference items that you already have, and, if you’re still adding to your collection, which items you have yet to acquire.

    7. Make a Map

      Not everyone may need such a high level of organization, but some will find it useful to draw a map of where things are stored within a space. This will be especially useful if you’re dealing with a lot of containers, or if you ever need to find a particular item quickly.

    8. Research How to Store Your Specific Collection

      Above are listed general suggestions, so also look into specific tips for storing your type of collection. For example, should your vinyl records be stored edgewise? Should every comic book have its own plastic sleeve? (Yes to both!) The extra bit of information can help to ensure that your collection keeps well in storage and continues to appreciate in value.

    If you need storage for your collection, contact us in Vancouver.

    Yaletown Mini Storage offers brightly lit, clean, affordable storage units in downtown Vancouver. Most units have 8-foot ceilings, and there are no access fees or limitations.

    If you have any questions about this article or our downtown Vancouver storage units, contact us at (604) 603-5885.


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